We're building the Inland Empire's first Solar Powered racing car.

Our first competitions will be the Formula Sun Grand Prix and American Solar Challenge.




About Us

The UCR Solar Car team was founded by co-founders Kyle Semelka and Paven Bhogal in 2017. Having begun as a small project with a few members and nothing but an idea and a dream, the team and project have both developed into a large project for all members and contributors to the project; involving many members who work on our solar vehicle, countless hours of electrical and mechanical meetings, lead meetings, and hours outside of school.

Today, the University of California Riverside Solar Car team consists of many talented, undergraduate students who aim to construct a full-scaled solar car to compete in the Formula Sun Grand Prix, and the American Solar Challenge: a national collegiate competition which requires teams and their solar-powered vehicles to finish a 2,000 mile cross-country journey. Our team members are hard at work dedicating countless hours designing, assembling, and testing our solar car for competition. With the efforts of our team members, we hope to successfully complete our first Formula Sun Grand Prix, and American Solar Challenge in the following years to come.


What We Stand For



The UCR Solar Car team encourages members to be strong leaders in their perspective industries and smart decision makers.



The leads and all other members of the team work hard everyday to make creative improvements to the solar car electrically, mechanically, and design wise.



Countless hours are dedicated outside of school to improve and perfect our solar car. Without the dedication of our team, progress and completion would not be possible.



The UCR Solar Car would not be possible without all members of the team, so we encourage strong collaboration, open communication, and team bonding.