The Adopt a Cell Program

Interested in contributing to the IEEE UCR Solar Car Team or looking for a way to gain exposure for your club/organization? We have the perfect opportunity for you.

We are now introducing the Adopt a Solar Cell Program. This program allows you to have a solar cell named after a name of your choosing for as low as $10 per solar cell. Feel free to adopt as many cells as you would like from the 255 solar cells on our vehicle.

Please fill out the corresponding form and choose your method of payment via our donation button or in person by meeting up with an IEEE Solar Car Officer. Once the form has been completed, we will send you a confirmation email. Thank you for your support!

Once your donation to adopt a cell has been confirmed, you will be able to view the amount of cells you have adopted on this page.

Name *
Method of Payment *

Available cells left for adoption:



GCAP (Green Campus Action Plan): 10

RPU (Riverside Public Utilities): 10

AZ Hyper Loop: 5